Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Challenge

Physical challenge to myself this 4 day Easter Weekend - run 4 volcanoes in 4 days, do a 20km cycle, and do two swims. Could be tough but it wouldn't be a challenge if it was easy :)

Started off the right way with a 14k run up and around Mt Eden at around 5min/km pace. Felt good on what is was a tough route, lots of climbs. Tracking it all on dailymile, which is quite fun to use. It is definitely like facebook for exercise which is quite a good idea really. Nothing like motivation from other people.

Regarding the lunch boxes I actually saw them by chance at Pak n Save here in Auckland. There are quite a few other models available as well. My 5 year old wants one now so it can't be all that sad...but I suspect it is.

We had a crack at making hot cross buns today, passed the taste test. Teaching your kids to cook is great fun.

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Mike said...

I'm giving the DailyMile a go. Looks quite good :)