Friday, April 2, 2010

A Little Sustainable

My day job is at a consultancy. I work in the renewable energy space and predominantly geothermal power projects. I like the sustainable aspects of this work, quite large scale benefits in displacing fossil fuels, making a difference etc.

On a personal level and on a smaller scale I cycle to and from work, mainly for exercise and because its quicker, but a nice side benefit are the environmental aspects. My wife thinks I'm crazy though.

On an even smaller level, and this might sound quite sad, but I've been impressed with the Nude Food Movers range of lunch boxes. The concept is quite simple to avoid the use of lunch wrap and rubbish in lunch. Here is a photo:

What I've found in the week or so I've been using this is I end up being more healthy. Yoghurt in one container, mixed nuts in the other, vege pieces, and 2 x sandwiches. The compartments help being good. Nice side benefit of reducing waste and being a little more sustainable.


Mike said...

I like you and I like your blog because sometimes, just sometimes, you come over a little bit sadder than me ... and that takes some doing! :)haha

Mike said...

I haven't entered yet. Leaving it right to the last minute to make sure calf is OK.

Andrew(ajh) said...

Those lunch boxes look good, did you order yours online?