Thursday, July 17, 2008

Better, stronger, faster...

Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster...

After taking a rest for the last couple of days its time to take stock and set some new goals.

1. Have fun running - and getting fit(ter) in general!

2. This year I'm going to enter the Auckland Half Marathon (2 November 2008). My goal for this is going to be 1:35:00. Ambitious but you only live once eh?
To knock more than three minutes off my PB time is going to take some good smart training with proper intervals. However I've reflected on how I faded significantly at the end of the last race so I reckon there is some definitely room for improvement.

3. Next year I'm going to enter the Run Auckland series again. That was a lot of fun and serves as motivation to exercise during the winter months. I think it will help improve my 10km times. My best 10km time this year was just under 43 minutes. A sub 42 would be a good goal.

There is also the North Shore City Half mid winter (July).

The Huntly Half is also a possibility (May).

4. The longer term goal is to have a crack at a full marathon in 2009. The Auckland Marathon at the end of 2009 is probably the best best. I'll have a year and half of base fitness to leverage and so be well prepared. Running a full marathon would have been an impossible dream a few years ago but I can now see it is an attainable goal with proper training.

5. Incorporate some cross training. I think swimming is a good no impact option on non-running days. I used to swim as a kid but haven't donned speedos and goggles for years. Swimming 1km was a goal of mine years ago - perhaps I should aim for that.

The tepid baths are pretty close to work and that could be a good option.

Also a few months ago bought some dumb-bells on trademe and have used them only sporadically for resistance training. Maybe writing down a strength program will help - I'll save that for another post.

6. Lose a little weight. I've been plateauing at between 86-87kg for a while now. A couple of years ago - before my "pre-midlife" crisis - I was touching on 100kg, podgy and lethargic, and exercise really helped bring that down to the normal range. One day I need to post an unflattering "before" shot. However back in my early twenties I was more around the 80kg mark. So dropping two or three kilos is a good goal. I think in my case its diet that needs some attention - well limiting the "treat" foods a bit. Training for the Auckland half and watching my diet should see my good for this one.

We can rebuild him. We have the technology. (can you pick the movie reference?)

P.S. Week 3/Day 2 (the sequel) of Hundred Pushups Done done and dusted. 27/19/19/15/30. 90 seconds rest in between sets and I beat the min criteria on the last set (25) by 5. :)


Kathy said...

All fantastic goals. It's always good to see how far you've come. Something I need to remember on those bad days...

Kathy said...

PS, I never did congratulate you on the half marathon - that is a great time for your first one. Well done..

Andrew is getting fit said...

I think those are great goals and with the exception of the times (mine will be a bit slower) I think I'll be doing the same.

I used to live in Pakuranga and the pools were very close to my house and free and I went from no swimming to swimming 3Km in about 5 weeks so you should be able to get your 1km pretty quickly.