Saturday, July 19, 2008

Glory Shot

As promised in my post on the North Shore City half here is the photo of me coming in to finish. Glory shot might be a bit much it's more the normal "just don't stop" face. is a pretty cool site. Since we weren't wearing numbers for this race I had to sift through a number of people also wearing red tops. That was interesting in itself seeing the expressions of people coming in to finish.

I don't think I'll buy this photo (you pay for a non watermarked one) maybe save my money for the Auckland half later this year. Larger events seem to have a number of photos you can choose from.

Talking of photos I saw this gem on a training run a while back and had to go back the same day to record it. Incidentally my home town of Auckland is known as the city of sails (because of the twin harbours and the multitude of sail boats).

The sign made me laugh though - clearly someone wasn't paying attention at school or maybe they had their mind on going fishing ;)

Also I managed to get past Week 3/Day 3 of the Hundred Pushup challenge. This called for 30/22/22/20/max(min 27) with 120 seconds in between sets. Managed 31 on the last. Bring on Week 4...


Andrew is getting fit said...

They got a good photo of you. I think $29.90 is a bit steep for a photo though!

SUB6 said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog .... I'm going to be training for the Rotorua Half Ironman on December 13th so 21 weeks to get back to some sort of fitness.

Good photo btw.

Have you any plans for a marathon?