Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Reise, Reise

German for "Journey, Journey" or "Travel, Travel". A useful phrase to know when you are doing the hundred pushup challenge or any fitness by the way. Also a song by the band Rammstein. To be honest you wouldn't run to this stuff but it is pretty good for pushups :)

Incidentally an explanation for the little bit of German you see in my posts. I'm trying to self teach myself German in my spare time - my dad's family are from Austria and I'd like to be fluent one day. I can speak and read a little now but not enough to carry a conversation.


Anyway. Week 3 of the pushup challenge is HARD!!! That probably means its more at the right level for me and the first two weeks too easy.

Day 1 (Monday) was 25/17/17/15/max(min 25). With 60 seconds rest in between. Set 3 I could start feeling it - in contrast to the first two weeks where set 3 was still pretty easy.

Had only just managed to get to the minimum of the last set. The last three were very slow and wobbly, and in my head I had marked this down as provisional. Still being hard it's pushing me along and this is where improvement will come.

Day 2 (Today) was 27/19/19/15/max(min 25). With 90 seconds rest in between. Found this slightly easier than Day 1 and the extra rest really helped. I did 26 on the last set.

Hope everyone else is having fun with the push-ups.

Running Calculator

I chanced across the McMillan Running Calculator. Apparently:
Ever wonder what pace you should be running in workouts? How 'bout when you run a 5K and want to know what you could run for 10K? Well, wonder no more. Since the mid-1990's, I've been working on a method that estimates your equivalent race performances using a current race time at any distance as well as giving the appropriate pace range for all the different types of workouts that you perform.

Interesting but I think there are lots of variables in play - like variations in course, conditions, what side of the bed you got up on, and of course training over the distance. Still of course I plugged in my last 10km time (44:47)...and my projected half time is 1:39:39. Only one way to find out how accurate this projection is...


Andrew(ajh) said...

I'm with you on the week 3 comments ... I was pretty wobbly too :-)

Andrew is getting fit said...

Have you been doing much training for the half? Weather has been rather atrocious this weekend...