Sunday, June 29, 2008


This morning did the Hundred Pushups Week 2 Exhaustion Test. This time I managed to do 40 - at the start of the program I could do 34 - so some improvement here. I think the challenge gets tougher this week so it should really push me along.

Today (Sunday) had a spot of sunshine in the afternoon so I thought I would go out running again. It was tough - really tough. I think its because I went for a hard run yesterday and at times it really felt like I was just plodding along.

Did this route:

In 01:06:30 (4:51 min/km). The pace was certainly better at the start but was shuffling a bit near the end with a couple of waiting-for-the-lights stops at traffic intersections. To be honest I had to really was exhausted by the end - well my legs were - that and I didn't want to get run over.

The rain came for the last couple of km's which was nice and refreshing.

That makes 103.3km for the month of June.

Needless to say I will be taking a rest day tomorrow and am sure will be sleeping quite well tonight.

Goodnight to all and to all a good night :)


Andrew(ajh) said...

Hmmm .. so that puts you into column three for Week 3&4 !

I'm glad I only made it into column 2, column 3 looks tough tyo me!

Andrew is getting fit said...

40! I stand and applaud!

Bruce said...

100 k for the month. Well done.