Saturday, June 21, 2008

Week One Pushups - Done

Week One - Day 3 of the One Hundred Pushup Challenge. This involved the following sets
15/13/10/10/max(of at least 15) with 2 minutes rest period between each set.

Starting to get hard now around by the time the max set comes around. You have to remember to breathe and I'm finding that if you count the repetitions out load it forces you to breathe out (and then in).

Listened to some "angry" music (Rammstein - Sonne) in my last 2 minute rest period and got out 30 for the max set. That was really hard and I could feel my face getting red and hot until my arms gave out. Hard work!

In other news Run Auckland is coming up on Sunday. Looking forward to it and a fast race.

Then its 3 weeks to the last race which is the North Shore City Half - getting a bit nervous about this now!!!


Andrew(ajh) said...

Well done - you managed exactly double what I did on that last set! Hope the Run Auckland goes well, I have a Half Marathon on Sunday too - not expecting too much due to my knee though. Look forward to your race report!

Andrew is getting fit said...

Well done on the pushups! I think I need more angry music.

Good luck for the run tomorrow.

Andrew is getting fit said...

Weather forecast is for thunder and lightning!

Bruce said...

Have a great race.

Aaron said...

Well if its pouring cats and dogs I'll be trying to go fast to get out of the rain :)

Still on the bright side a warm shower is something to look forward to eh?

billjw5 said...

30!!!! Holy Catman Batfish! That is sensational. Week Two Day 1 for me tonight. I agree with the angry music suggestion!