Sunday, June 8, 2008

Run like you stole it

One of my work colleagues is a South African - lets call him Mr. W - and he has done a swag of marathons and ultras over in darkest Africa. Crazy.

Last week he gave me some advice to mix up my running. Flats and hills, long runs, fast runs, fun runs. Well you get the picture. I guess it keeps the body guessing a bit and not adapting to one steady pace.

So keeping Mr. W's sage advice in mind I did a hill run on Saturday and a very short sharp tempo run today. I have to say the contrast was quite interesting.

Saturday - 13.65km including Mt. Eden summit climb - 1:07:59 @ 4:58 min/km. There are some killer hills here. St. Albans, Grange, Mt. Eden.

Sunday - 2.65km - 10:47 @ 4:03 min/km. Felt faster but legs a little heavy after yesterday. Still it's great to put the foot down knowing it was only for a short distance.

Quite fun to run like you stole it.


Andrew(ajh) said...

Hey Aaron, thanks for your kind words on my blog. I think you may be right on the overtraining - I'm going to take it a bit easier for a week or so, see what happens.

I've just been reading your blog - seems like you had your epiphany (ie mid life crisis) a few years earlier than me. I wish mine was a few years earlier than it was, then there would have been more years enjoying the running!

It seems like you're doing a great job on the 10km times - I'm sure the half will be just as good. Then the full, eh?

Andrew is getting fit said...

I love that expression! Run like you stole it.

I might try a short sharp blast sometime this week.

Bruce said...

Hi, good luck for your first half. Good strategy not getting too hung up on a time. Just finishing it is an achievement.

Well done on the mt Eden run, that's a tough climb, did you go straight up or take the long road around the summit?