Saturday, June 14, 2008

Push The Limits

Half the fun of blogging is giving titles to the posts - this one is from a song by the group Enigma.

Relaxed run today on a new route along Mt. Eden Road and back Dominion. I call it "Mt. Eden City Fringe Loop". The terrain was rolling and took in the top section of the North Western Cycleway.

Run was good - 9.5km in 43:42. This is 4:35 min/km pace which was a bit suprising as I "felt" the pace was quite relaxed. Maybe I went quick on the downhills.

Noticed the traffic was starting to build up near Eden Park with the All Blacks game against England tonight. Dominion Road is always congested when there is a game there.

Over on the excellent "Andrew is Getting Fit" blog I noticed that Andrew had posted about the Hundred Pushup challenge. Apparently
If you're serious about increasing your strength, follow this six week training program and you'll soon be on your way to completing 100 consecutive push ups!

Cross training is a good thing so I'm going to give it a go starting Monday. Did the initial test and managed 34 good form push ups which was pretty good but a ways to go to eek out 100. Lets see if I can get there in 6 weeks.


Bruce said...

You're right about going straight up Mt Eden, I haven't done that either. Have taken your route though. It's a good run.

cymrusteve said...

34? You're an animal! You'll do the hundred no problem.

Good luck on the program!


Andrew(ajh) said...

I think I might have to join you and Andrew on the 1ooPU thin. My upper body strength is hopeless, I won't get anywhere near 34, and don't truthfully expect to get to 100 either - but it can't hurt to try (or maybe it can)

Kate said...

Have fun with the press ups! I was supposed to be doing a 20x20 press up challenge, but it never really took off (thank goodness...)

In terms of racing v training times, I tend to do most of my "normal" runs pretty slowly, so there's a big difference between training and racing pace (anywhere from 15s to 1:00 perk).Obviously that's not the case with my speedwork or tempo runs. In general, I'd probably run a fastish 10k in 51-52 minutes in training, and more like 48-49 minutes in a race...