Saturday, June 28, 2008

I Do All My Own Stunts

Cold, wet, dark and miserable here in Auckland this week. At least before or after work which is the only time available at present.

Running in these conditions is not at all appealing.

Still during the weekend running in daylight is an option so its just cold, wet and miserable ;)

Plan to get out today and for a longish run tomorrow. Just a couple of weeks now to the half.

Wet weather normally means staying inside watching movies. Here is a cheesy diversion (art-house cult classic?) an entry to the 48 Hour Furious Filmmaking Festival - NZ Competition, Auckland Region. Bit of an excalibur/bloodsport basterdised hybrid.

I got roped in to play an evil samurai janitor (did I mention it was cheesy) at the last minute. At the time of filming (early May) had short hair which perhaps fit the casting requirements? Who knows it was all a bit random but heaps of fun to be involved.

Didn't make the top 12 this year, but with 600 teams, we don't feel too bad. As such our director has just uploaded it for the world to see.

Required Elements:

PROP: A Brush
LINE: "Wait A Minute"
CHARACTER: Kerry Post - Perfectionist


conceived/written/resourced/filmed/edited/delivered all within 48 hours.

Lavatory Warrior from Jeremy Masters on Vimeo.

Yesterday did Week 2/Day 3 of the It called for sets of 15,15,12,12,max(min of 15) with 120 seconds rest in between. Managed 39 on the last which was an all out effort. Pretty pleased with how its going. The challenge calls for an exhaustion test before starting week 3. Going to try that tomorrow and will be interesting to see any improvements from two weeks ago...

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