Thursday, June 12, 2008


This means "Moderately Fast" in music tempo and describes my two training runs in Whakatane this week.

Wednesday - 13.79km Town Loop with the glorious river side track.
Did this in 1:03:32 which is a 4:35 min/km pace.

Thursday (this morning which was cold and foggy) - 5.95km Small town loop.
Did this in 26:20 which is a 4:24 min/km pace.

I was listening to Trance 2008 Vocal Sessions on both runs. Not sure if its fitness on the improve or the music but quite pleased with the training. It was run at a "steady" pace but I guess that is countered by the fact these runs are pretty flat.

Fellow blogger Bruce asks which way up Mt. Eden I go on my hill training run. I've been going up the road from the Mt. Eden road side which is a long steady climb. The straight up approach would probably sort the men from the boys I reckon ...


Andrew(ajh) said...

Yup, that is a decent pace all right ... well done.

I reckon that the music you listen to can have a definite impact on the pace you run.

Kate said...

Boy- you're speedy!