Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Window of Sun

The weather in Auckland changes quite quickly and all of a sudden it stopped raining and the sun came out around 11 this morning. A window of sun so time to head out...

New route : 14.45km in 1:05:41 (4:32min/km). I think this is roughly my projected race pace in that I could probably maintain it for the total half distance if I had to but it would be quite hard work. I'm not blowing hard exactly but it's an effort. Largely a mental game here - pretty sure I could hold on.

Very interesting I could feel myself fade a bit round about the 45min mark - I think this relates to my "typical" 10km time and my body thinks we are done. Round about the 55min mark I was getting a bit of a second wind and feeling OK. Mind you it started raining again at that point. The window of sun had gone - although weird it's back again as I type this. That's Auckland for you.

Incidentally, for my international viewers, a tiki-tour means a "roundabout way to get somewhere; scenic tour". I thought this was a unique New Zealand phrase but Andrew tells me it also applies in South Africa. For more help deciphering what I'm saying check this NZ to US English dictionary.

Jon Ackland in his book, Complete or Compete Half Marathon, says:
The best description of a half marathon is that it's a 15km (9 mile) warm-up and a 6km (4 mile) running race (if you are running the event). In other words, halfway is not 10.5km (6.5 miles). In terms of effort it's the final 6km (4 miles) that counts. At the 15 km (9 mile) point the event will try and ambush you. It will say, "Suprise, I'm taking over".
It's about this point its time to smile, turn it up a notch, and say "Bring it on!"


Andrew is getting fit said...

We used to use that phrase "tiki tour" in South Africa as well.

Good run! I got out in between showers as well but was not nearly as fast. ;)

Andrew(ajh) said...

4:35 is a great pace over 14+km - seems like you are headed for a good Half time - I'd say around 1:36?

Aaron said...

Tiki-tours sound more universal than I thought.

I think it really depends on the course and if its my day. For me an "A" race would be somewhere between 1:40-1:45. If I manage to sneak under that would be very pleased indeed.

Just so I'm clear that was a hard run today pretty much on race pace. The last third of the race keeping that up will be an effort.