Saturday, July 5, 2008

Trucks: 0, Walking Bus: 1

Yesterday (Friday) in Auckland saw a big protest by truckers against rising road user charges. It was quite a sight with lots of chaos, horns blaring etc.

Photo: JOHN SELKIRK/Dominion Post. Traffic on Auckland's Queen St comes to a halt during the truckie's protest. As fuel prices rise, some people are getting angry but others are finding ways to cope.

Rather than getting angry - getting angry is for push-ups - I have been taking the 'walking bus' a bit. That is put simply commuting to work by walking. I live it Mt. Eden and door-to-door to work it is 6.1km one way - thats about an hour at a brisk walking pace.

In Auckland though taking a raincoat or umbrella is recommended. Walking is good exercise but it gets pretty easy once your body gets used to it.

Quite a few people today taking the 'bus'.

The trucks in a line and chaos reminded me of a scene in Die Hard 3 where the bad guys were stealing gold :)

Week 3/Day 3 got the better of me with the pushups though. The program was 30/22/22/20/max(min of 27) with 120 seconds rest in each set. I only made 14 good form pushups on the last. I'm going to repeat week 3 next week and hopefully get it nailed before moving on. It wasn't really that much more than day 2 which wasn't too bad. Oh well...


Andrew is getting fit said...

I was on Queen St bright and early to see the trucks. It was quite impressive.

And if people like you are repeating week 03 then I am doomed. :)

Andrew(ajh) said...

What about riding to work ?

Bad luck about Week 3 - I was so glad I didn't get enough in the end-of-week-2 exhaustion test to get into that third column. I only just got through the second column sets.