Sunday, August 31, 2008

Landscape Road Hill Climb

Absolute cracker of a day today. Did plan to head out this morning but made it mid afternoon instead. A hill climb in my local streets today. Not too long 6.49km in 30:29 (4:41 min/km) legs a bit cooked from yesterdays longish run but did OK.

Nearly all of my runs start from home in Peary Road which is in Mt. Eden, Auckland. Peary Road is a nice street quite close to the city. I even walk to work some days. We moved to Peary Road in March this year.

At the East end of Peary I turned right and head up Mt. Eden Road. This hill isn't too bad. Good bakery near here (Wild Wheat) but I'm being good today.

The route turns left into Landscape Road. This hill is quite steep when you are running up it - reminds me of the steep sections of One Tree Hill and Mt. Roskill in particular. I can tell because my stride gets quite short to handle the incline.

The rest of the run is pretty sedate -

Started raining when I got home - so I was quite please to get back in time.

Rest day from running tomorrow but am going to do some core exercises (i.e. weights) instead.


Andrew is getting fit said...

I should give Landscape Rd a go!

Andrew(ajh) said...

Nothing like a few hills to test out the old legs is there!