Saturday, November 22, 2008

Run to Work via Westhaven

I liked the last long run around westhaven marina I decided to run to work this way on Friday morning. Mapped it up in mapmyrun and it works out to be bang on 12km.

First 8km rolling terrain and the last 4 flat around westhaven marina. Passed two runners on the flat which I guess that's race craft. Westhaven marina is a nice stretch to run through.

12km in 52:44 (4:22min/km) - trying to keep on PHMP (projected half marathon pace) or just under. ADRA is largely along the coast so put the waterfront runs down to getting used to the conditions.


Andrew(ajh) said...

4:22 min/km would gove you a 1:32 ish HM - that would be a great effort - I'd be rapt to break through the 1:40 barrier.

Aaron said...

That's assuming I can maintain that pace for the full distance! Mind you aside from some hills for the first 5km the rest of the course is pretty flat.

I'm aiming to see if I can go under 1:35 and if so anything else is a bonus.The challenge will be to pace it just right so I don't go out too fast and fade at the end.