Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Morning - Weigh In and Run

Weigh In - 2 November 2008

Too much red this week. No doubt eating too much for the level of exercise I'm doing. Pretty simple really

Tiki Tour

A good day to go running. Nice and cool in the morning - congratulations to all those running in the Auckland Marathon today. That'll be me next year...

Around 8:30am I went for a relatively flat course of approx 14.5km - I call this the 14km Tiki-Tour. It takes in Mt. Eden, Sandringham, Three Kings, Royal Oak, and Epsom South.

Did this in 1:03:30 (4:22 min/km pace). If runs were curry that would be mild/hot but still edible :) I ran the same course back in June in 1:05:41 (4:32 min/km) so definitely some improvement there.

Nerdy elevation graph:

It was a good blow-out of a run. Felt great afterwards!

4 weeks to go until the ADRA half. Really looking forward to the race!


SUB6 said...

Loving the nerdy graphs - think it's one of the best improvements the site has made. Great run btw!

Andrew(ajh) said...

A 40g gain is not really worth worrying about!

Andrew is getting fit said...

Great run mate. You're going to blast your PR at ADRA.