Thursday, October 30, 2008

Finding the Time

Struggling to find the time to get some decent running in. Work and life getting in the way. Does anyone else have that problem?

Finding after work is not that good - gets me into trouble with the family. Think I have to get back into the early morning 5am running - a struggle to get up that early but its all about routine. Gets easier after a while.

Today I got back home early from a work trip to Kawerau. Had a 15km run all planned out but what can only be described as internal rumblings saw me cut the run short at just over 5km - lucky it was a loop course and I could detour at an awkward sprint back home. Made it back though so all is well that ends well as they say.

Did 5.36km in 23:40 (4:25 min/km pace) - not too bad considering.

Good news is I'm over the cold :)


Andrew is getting fit said...

Have a read of this:

Running after work is hard with the family. Running before work is hard as well so I tend to run sometime during most people's normal worktime. Fortunately in my line of work I have the flexibility to do this. As long as the work gets done it doesn't matter when I work.

Andrew(ajh) said...

I run or ride most days after work. I guess my family is older, and I think my wife gets a bit sick of it sometimes, but she understands I need it, so it works out.