Saturday, October 25, 2008

Recovery Run

As mentioned last post I've been slowed down with man-flu this week (aka man-cold, aka dreaded lurgy):

This video cracks me up. I didn't have a bell like that here - just as well my wife would have clocked me over the head with it ;). Anyhow I'm on the tail end of the cold now which is just as well. My diet hasn't been the best the last few days. Thanks everyone for the get well soon comments on my last post.

This weekend is Labour weekend in New Zealand. Monday is a public holiday celebrating the advent of the 40 hour working week in 1840. A good weekend for a run or two. The weather has been pretty variable so far so its a matter of trying to find a time in between rain showers.

Today was a shortish recovery run round the block. The weather was a bit windy with slight showers but nothing too bad. I did my tempo run course (7.53km) at a slower than normal time of 33:52 (4:29min/km).

It was a bit suprising the run was quicker than it felt. My breathing was a bit ragged at the end though just to remind me not probably not totally over the cold.

Looks like has an interesting looking elevation chart - here is the one for today's run:

The hills are pretty tame on this run only 3% uphill gradient.

Here is the route in 3D google earth glory:

The big brown area in the bottom right is actually a scoria quarry. Due to the quarry activity there is only one "king" (volcano) left of the Three Kings. There is talk when it closes over the next few years the council will move to turn it into park land - that would be a good move in my opinion.


SUB6 said...

That is a WAY COOL elevation chart! :) I need to investigate that one :)

Andrew(ajh) said...

Love the video, and I agree adding the percentage gradients is great innovation.

Andrew is getting fit said...

That's a great new feature from mapmyrun.