Saturday, November 15, 2008

Run to/from Work

Last week I tried something new. Thursday morning I took a spare change of clothes to work and my running gear. Work has lockers and showers so there is really no excuse to give it a go.

The plan was to run home Thursday and then run back in Friday morning. The route is 6.69km - slightly detoured from the most direct way to take in two parks. Centennial Park very near home and Myer's Park in the city. I find running through parks is a good way to break up a running route with a little nature diversion.

The most interesting part was a run through Myer's Park. Very pleasant to run through during the day - although I certainly wouldn't venture in after hours. This page has plenty of historical information which is quite interesting. The

The top end of the park has a number of flights of stairs - I counted 141! - continuing up into St. Kevin's arcade up to Karangahape Road.

Here is a photo from the other direction coming into work this time - nice stained glass sign:

The stairs really took the starch out but must be good training.

Run home: Thursday 13 November - 29:47 - 4:28min/km pace. Had to wait at a couple of traffic intersections to avoid cars.

Run in: Friday 14 November - 28:57 - 4:19min/km pace. Not sure the faster time was just the downhill stairs but also running in the morning is a better time to go running.

This might become a regular Thursday/Friday thing - well semi-regular as I'm sometimes off site for work.

Elevation graph:

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Kate said...

Cool! Sounds like a lovely commute.