Saturday, December 27, 2008

Boxing Day Hill Climb

Boxing day yesterday and went for a hill climb up Mt. Eden. Have to say it was pretty tough up the summit road - conditions were getting hot at around 10.30. Saw a few other runners out and about certainly a good day for it.

At the summit, while recovering from jelly legs, had a chat to a couple of Canadian tourists. Played tour guide pointing out all the (extinct) volcanoes - think that scared them a bit.

All in all 11.64 km in 54:52 (4:43min/km) - the route is great for developing running strength. It's tough!

Weighed in this morning - getting back into the physicsdiet daily recording - 85.6kg.


Andrew(ajh) said...

Sounds like a good tough run to get rid of some of those Christmas Day indulgences!

Merry Christmas!!

Andrew is getting fit said...

Great effort! I'm afraid to weigh myself at the moment. ;)