Thursday, December 4, 2008

Short Hot Run

Day off work today so went for a short run at around 4pm. 6.49km in 29:59 (4:37min/km) - no problems with the knee but it was warm, 23 degrees today, in Auckland. I wanted a freshup when I got home but settled for a Tiger beer instead. Fresh up is a fruit drink sold in New Zealand.



Andrew(ajh) said...

Congrats on the ADRA run result - an excellent effort with a sore knee.

Is that a Singapore Tiger beer, or is that a NZ brand ?

SUB6 said...

Love the fresh up ads ... What do you do for Mighty River? I stayed in Kawerau to be nearer the bike course and to ride the hill to Lake Rotoma. Really nice motel on the river ... loved it! Have you been involved with the new powerstations?