Sunday, December 21, 2008

If the shoe fits...

First run in the new shoes today. Felt quite a bit different to the old pair - quite a bit more cushioning, the support seems about the same.

Started off at a normal pace but felt pretty good so upped the tempo a bit. 5.55km in 23:48 (4:16min/km). Yes running fast was a bit rash for a first outing but I put it down to the excuberance of new shoes. They fit very well "out of the box" I have to say.

I plan to do two or three shorter (and probably slower) 'fun runs' just to break these shoes in properly before the end of the year by which time it'll be 2009 when training begins in earnest.

I call the route Mt Eden South Short Straights. Gentle rolling terrain - and best of all no traffic lights!