Sunday, February 15, 2009

A crisp morning, a hill climb, and some kiwi music

Today I decided to do a 10km run but not go too crazy on pace because I am still feeling the effects of the long midweek 21km on Thursday. Glorious morning quite crisp even at 8:30 when I headed out.

10.27km in 49:06 (4:46min/km).

The route itself includes some decent climbs. The view from the top of Mt. Eden never ceases to amaze me. Some tourists from the US at the top - the view was apparently "bootiful" :)

Looking back in my running history I ran the same route back in April 2008 and my time was 52:15. A good sign of some improvement in fitness and running strength. The hills don't kick my butt quite so much now. Could also be keeping a more consistent pace helps. This is probably my favourite hill route.

Did the run listing to pretty much the album "Riverhead" by New Zealand group "Goldenhorse". This sort of feel-good kiwi music is a nice backdrop to a run.

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