Tuesday, February 3, 2009


After work 7.30pm run 7.53km in 34:11 (4:32min/km). Still quite warm and sweating buckets but it was good After a few lethargic runs recently getting back to my "normal" pace. The first race for Run Auckland is towards the end of March so a way off yet.

Thinking of taking my running gear to work and trying a 30min lunchtime tempo run. Should give me enough time to shower and change. Maybe Thursday for that.

I was going to post separately on weight but for January have been stuck on a physicsdiet average of around 86.4kg. Eating a bit more over the holiday season so I expect that will track back a bit over Feb. It all comes down to eating less and moving more. My goal is to get down towards 80kg - my BM weight. BM = Before Marriage!


Andrew is getting fit said...

I never want to see my BM weight again!

I'm looking forward to Run Auckland as well.

Are you doing Round the Bays?

Bruce said...

You're right it has been pretty hot for running in the last few weeks. Good for building up a sweat though. Do you carry a water bottle or fuel belt on your longer runs?