Saturday, February 21, 2009

A short midday run and a weigh-in

Thursday saw me go for a run at lunchtime. A bit tight in the calves from Tuesday so didn't go out too hard. Conditions were overcast. From the office I looped around the tank farm, up Jacob's ladder (one step at a time running style - phew!) and then down College Hill and back along Albert Street.

6.44km / 31:11 (4:49min/km)

Half an hour is about the most I can get away with at lunchtime to allow for a shower and change.

Here is a view from the end of the tank farm:

and the route:

In terms of weight here is the last 30 days out of It's going ok now that i'm back in the swing of excercising regularly:

5kg away from my "before marriage" weight of 10 years ago.

Away from home for a week which will be a challenge in terms of healthy eating options. I think the hotel has a gym so hopefully that will help. That and the big hill run I've got planned in Hong Kong :)

I haven't been to Shanghai before and am looking forward to it. Getting the maglev train from the airport to the hotel which is going to be something special.


Andrew(ajh) said...

The green bits are bigger than the red bits that's the main thing.

Andrew is getting fit said...

I know that route well! Although I've only been crazy enough to do Jacob's ladder the once.

Have a great trip.