Thursday, February 19, 2009

Virtual Recon and a Short Hill Run

So I'm off to China next week for work. 5 days in Shanghai and then a day in Hong Kong on the return. Looking on the net going for somewhere nice to run in Shanghai is going to be a challenge although I did hear mention of a park with a 5km loop - guess just a matter of getting there from the hotel.

Hong Kong is a different matter. Victoria Peak has really sparked my interest. It's 500m asl. I've been here before but up the cable tram a number of years ago.

Some of the views look absolutely amazing and it does really put my local hill climbs right in the shade. Can't wait!

Tuesday evening after doing my virtual recon got inspired and did a little hill run. Ran my Landscape hill climb route pretty hard (6.49km / 29:14 (4:30min/km)). Obviously the hill part is tough - past some walkers at the top and one said "thats impressive" although I think she meant mad.

View looking down the hill parallel to the road - you can appreciate the gradient by the flat level on the bottom. Reasonably short sharp climb great for a hill workout.


Andrew(ajh) said...

Have a great time in China. Have you been to Shanghai before. It blew me away the size of that city. I never ran while I was there though, so can't help you there.

Andrew is getting fit said...

Be sure to take lots of photos!

I've been looking at races overseas myself!