Sunday, April 26, 2009

Back in the Asics

Went for a couple of gentle runs this weekend. Everything felt pretty good, some tightness so didn't push things. Felt really good to be out and about again. Glad I didn't aggrevate the calf and look like I'll be fine for Run Auckland 3 - its a dead flat course.

Lots of stretching afterward my run today, also took the opportunity of being stuck at traffic lights to stretch. I think this helped.

Saturday - mostly flat : 5.51km / 27:04 / 4:55 min/km
Sunday - slight hill but mostly flat : 6.98km / 33:32 / 4:47 min/km

Took some more kiwi music on my run today. This is quite a nice song called Symmetry. Great to chill out to. Maybe I'm mellowing but I'm putting more or this type of stuff on my running playlist as opposed to the trance. Getting old? ;)

Small world I used to work with his brother here in Auckland a few years ago.

Rest, or rather stretch day, tomorrow.

Hope training is going well for everyone!


SUB6 said...

Good to hear the calf is recovering. Good luck with No3 race.

To answer your question ... I don't really have a target time for the Half ... just important that I go under two hours. I'm not expecting to too much though.

Andrew(ajh) said...

I am the same, I look for any opportunity to stretch.