Saturday, April 18, 2009

Passive Motivation

Set the course map for Auckland as the desktop for my PC. Can't hurt can it? The run is not till 1 Nov but having the big goal has really remotivated my training.

Ran home after work Wednesday but went a different route - this one along Mt Eden road. Slightly longer way home that normal but an easier pace. 7.39km / 35:23 / 4:46 min/km. Run Auckland 2, 10km, tomorrow. should be good.

P.S. My little sister T has also entered the marathon which I think is great. Will keep me honest!


Andrew(ajh) said...

A little bit of sibling rivalry should heat things up a bit!

Is the marathon course one you can run on a normal non-event day? If so, then it would really be good to familiarise yourself with the course. When I did my first (and only) marathon, I'd run about 50% of the course a few times, and when running the bits I "knew", I really had a sense of comfort.

Phillip said...

Good idea - nothing like a bit of visual imagery.