Friday, April 24, 2009

Talk nerdy to me

Given the calf strain I have been suprisingly disciplined and not gone running* this week. I've instead created the start of a training log (spreadsheet) to record progress.

My day job is as an Engineer - this means my training log is overdone in terms of calculations and graphs.

One big detail sheet

- day
- date
- week number
- days to go till marathon
- weight
- resting heart rate (measured manually at present!)
- distance run in the day
- cumulative distance
- time taken
- speed
- comment
- route name, stored in
- total ascent (m), by route from
- total descent (m), by route from

Might be more to come.

Any number of graphs once the detail table is set up.

The idea being is on marathon-eve to look back at the training log and having a good nights sleep knowing the hard work in training has been done. Yeah right - I'm sure I'll be a bundle of nerves - but it sounds good.

* I have done a fair amount of walking on it and I think thats helped. The leg is feeling much better - not hobbling any more - its still a little tight but no pain. The plan is to try a very gentle slow short run tomorrow morning to see where things are at. Have to remember that my new favourite word is "stretch".


Bruce said...

Looks like you need a heart rate monitor to record max and average heart rates too?

Andrew(ajh) said...

I'm glad I'm not the only nerdy nerd nerd!

Adding elevation gain/loss to training journal .... now there's an idea !

SUB6 said...

You seem nerdy enough for triathlon ... come join us, the water is varm.

Are you going to be posting links to your chart?