Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Recap

I was pretty good this easter and ran Friday, Sunday, Monday. All on the "off-peak" times (either early or late) so I could spend some quality time with my wife and son.

Friday: Along the Grange / 7.63km / 34:25 / 4:31min/km

Sunday: Mt Eden Hill Climb / 10.27km / 48:55 / 4:46min/km. Needed to do some calf stretching at the top - tight - but finished it strong.

Monday: View Road Loop / 6.98km / 31:08 / 4:28min/km. A bit tight but felt good.

Looking to do a gentle run home from work tomorrow and then rest up for Run Auckland 2 this Sunday. Looking back on my blog last year I did this in 49:07 although I understand the course is a bit different this year. Apparently for 2009 the organisers are going to seed the start area and I might try and slot in with the 45:00 runners, put the foot down and give it a nudge.

Haven't thought too much about a marathon training plan but its definitely on the cards. Actually developing somewhat of an obsession and am reading up on training, nutrition and so on. Will be posting on what I learn, what is working for me, how training is going. All the good stuff.

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Andrew is getting fit said...

I'll have to seed myself in the 40 min runners so I can trip you up as you nip past again!