Sunday, July 12, 2009

Being Sensible

Got back from Run Auckland 6 / North Shore City HM this morning. Conditions were pretty cold and blustery but the rain mostly stayed away. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I felt good to turn up and do the thing even though my family and some friends of mine told me I was mental. :)

In terms of the race itself it started well but both my calves started to tighten up around the 6km mark. Trouble on this course the first 6km are pretty easy and the rest is a mixture of beach, hills, North Head, hills and beach. It is a pretty tough course.

Coming back towards the finish along Takapuna beach was interesting with the tide coming in. Needless to say my shoes got a bit wet.

No point risking injury so was sensible and took it relatively easy for the back half of the race. Got passed by quite a few people which was a bit demoralising. Times haven't come out yet but I think it was around 1:41 or there abouts. Not what I was hoping for but at least I didn't pull anything.

One positive I'll take out of this it was under my projected marathon pace and I felt quite comfortable from an aerobic persective. Just wish my legs would behave themselves! I think the answer could partly be new shoes and I plan to go shopping for some very soon.

No more racing for a while now...


Bruce said...

Not a bad time conditions considered. Time for some marathon training now.

Mike said...

That's an impressive time! Hope you sort the calfs out soon.

Andrew is getting fit said...

I think you are going to kill that marathon.