Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Sounds like something rude to yell if being passed at the finish line doesn't it? It simply translates as "plum dumplings" - a traditional Austrian desert. Haven't had these in years but thought how hard can it be...

Turns out a bid fiddly and time consuming but the results are well worth it. Not sure its up to my Grandmother's standards but they got the thumbs up from my four year old boy. As the recipe says "do not count your calories" - it is definitely a sometimes food, best to have in summer when plums are in season. I cheated with some US imports.

The dumpling shell is a mix of potato, flour, and egg with a breadcrumb, cinamon and icing sugar coating.

Zehr gut!

Good nutrition is a key factor when training but not only that my wife and I have been trying to set a good example. Part of that is trying to make meals with mostly wholefoods (not processed). Last weekend we made Pear and Parsnip soup for Sunday lunch - thanks to the healthy food guide website. Tasted really nice and must have been good as it kept me going for my 22k long run in the afternoon.

I don't feel all that guilty after eating that picture, Monday I was at the pool on my cross-training day with 80 fairly slow lengths. Different size sets mostly 10's but I did one of 22 so its getting better. Had hapkido class in the evening which was good but a pretty light workout.

Ran home from work tonight (Monday) as well: 6.65km / 32:45 / 4:55min/km.
Am planning to run in to the city in a more roundabout 12km route. Should be good.


Andrew is getting fit said...

Do you deliver?

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Aaron said...

Heh yes they are yum but at 280 calories each(!) and after you decide to add some icecream well...time to go running ;)