Monday, July 27, 2009

Week 4/18 Weekend

Two contrasting runs this weekend - one at projected marathon pace and the other a long slow run.

Saturday: 9.99km / 47:57 / 4:46min/km.

Perhaps a little quick but this was a great run for a winters morning. Felt strong throughout.

Sunday: 21.89km / 2:00:03 / 5:28min/km

Easy pace. I got spotted running by a friend who texted me asking why I was "flouncing up the road all blinged up". No gold chains here but a nike singlet to take advantage of some rare winter sun. Apparently I was looking like I was wanting to run faster - in which case I was probably doing an OK job at slowing down. Still struggling with it a bit though to be honest - I feel more "natural" running somewhere between 4:30 and 5:00 min/km.

I like variety on long runs so did this route. It has some suburban, parks, waterfront, marina, a few hills, and even a little urban. Good stuff!

Week 4 distance: 51.67km.

Today is a cross training day - I'm thinking the pool looks like a good option for some lane swimming.

Incidentally here is that photo of my now retired Asics. I'm still impressed my little toe managed to do this.


Andrew is getting fit said...

I like the look of your long run route. Must give it a go.

Phillip said...

Aaron - good work on the slower pace, it will make a big difference, particularly for marathon training.

One thing to be careful of - that you aren't actively slowing yourself down, by which I mean overstriding and effectvely putting the breaks on. The key is a slightly faster turnover and shorter strides with less power, rather than tensing up to keep the pace down. I used to do the latter, and it caused me all sorts of injury problems.

Bruce said...

Wow that shoe was well overdue for retirement by the looks.

Mike said...

Very moody pic of the shoe :) Like it!