Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mostly Sticking to the Plan

Week 2/18 of marathon training this week. It's going ok but this is early days where the mileage is low. The weather here in Auckland has been a bit wet* but I'm finding that the structure of a plan is keeping me accountable.

This week is a bit disruptive as I have a half marathon tomorrow morning.

Following of from the long slow run on Sunday (16.4km) I did the following:

Tuesday: 4.9km / 21:17min / 4:19 min/km.
Flat round the tank farm - good but in hindsight what the hell am I running that speed in a training run? Interesting thing the run itself didn't feel that tough. Maybe my aerobic capacity is picking up.

Was a lunchtime run and good fun.

Plan said 3 miles - OK.

Wednesday: 8.48km / 40:28 / 4:46 min/km.
Pace more circumspect this time this route along westhaven, up curran, along ponsonby road, down franklin and then back to town. Another lunchtime run.

Plan was 5 miles - OK.

Thursday: 5.15km / 25:12 / 4:52 min/km.
Flat route out east along the water front to just past the end of the red fence and back again. Felt comfortable going slower.

Plan was 3 miles - OK.

Overall the midweek running was too fast however my excuse is peaking for a HM.

I'm supposed to do 5 miles (PMP) today and then 11 miles (slow) tommorrow. However instead I'll do 13 miles (hopefully fastish) in the HM. Normal programming should resume next week.

* Weather forcast is absolute pants for tomorrow. Supposedly rain and wind. Should inspire me to hurry up and finish to get dry.


Andrew(ajh) said...

Good luck tomorrow. Will be a great effort just to get out in that sort of weather!

Mike said...

If the weather is anything like what I'm looking at now it's going to be pants! Good Luck!!!