Friday, July 24, 2009

Midweek training

The marathon program I am following calls for three midweek runs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The Tuesday and Thursday runs are currently 3 miles (~4.8km) and that builds to a peak of 5 miles (~8km). Since work has showers doing these runs at lunchtime works out quite well. Especially good in winter being able to go for a run in daylight.

One thing I'm finding with this training is trying to find time to fit all the runs in. Currently I'm doing 5 runs/week and the distances aren't too bad (its only week 4/18 after all) - will be harder as the runs get longer.

Wednesday is longer and not really enough time to go at lunchtime. This week I did 6 miles at 5:45am. For once it wasn't wet and awful and the pre-dawn run was good, conditions quite still with a few stars visible.

Thursday after a pretty average morning at work my supposedly run at "comfortable pace" somehow turned into a go fast and destress tempo run. Bit guilty not following the plan but running this one hard felt good at the time :)

Tuesday: Tank Farm Route / 4.9km / 22:03 / 4:30 min/km. Plan said "normal pace" but I suspect this is the wrong sort of normal.

Wednesday: Local 10 / 9.99km / 52:38 / 5:16 min/km. Actually going a bit slower and following the plan a bit better.

Thursday: Tank Farm Route / 4.9km / 20:43 / 4:13 min/km. Enough said on this one.

This weekend the aim is to follow the plan with regard to pace. The long run especially is key to go slow.

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Kate said...

Hehe- I think we all do those too fast de-stress runs sometimes!