Sunday, July 5, 2009

On Plans and Slow Long Runs

So I think I have settled on a marathon training plan. At least it looks a good fit to my schedule and the timing (18 weeks). Although week 2 will be tweaked a bit to accomodate a half marathon race next Sunday.

I did most of Week 1 this week.

Saturday was 5 Miles (8km) at projected marathon pace. I did 7.9km in 37:42 (4:44min/km). Still on the quick side (and still trying to slow down). I would like to dream that PMP is going to be 5 min/km. We'll see...

I few new roads on this route - windmill, valley road, pine.

Sunday was 10 Miles (16km) at a slow speed. I did 16.43km in 1:34:44. I managed to go slower on purpose for 5:45min/km. Work colleague N said to aim for 6min/km to slow myself down but this was pretty good. Run was relaxing, definitely a lot easier almost fun in a slow plodding kind of way. This run had a few climbs in it too but at the slower speed it was fine. Found myself looking around at the scenery a bit more.

Week 1 done!

Downside is it looks like my little toenail has punched a small hole through my sock and the upper of my left shoe. :( These shoes are going to get retired pretty soon so not too big a deal. Incidentally I think this happened on the downhills on run auckland 5.


Andrew is getting fit said...

The one downside (for someone who runs as fast as you do) of the Hal Higdon program's is that he doesn't incorporate any speedwork in the novice or intermediate programs.

But I reckon that's a good choice for your first one.

Kate said...

Good work! I think that 5min/k for your marathon pace sounds very doable!