Sunday, July 19, 2009

Week 3/18 Roundup

Week 3/18 of my marathon training program is bought and paid for. Well I got through it at least.

Apparently it is a step-back week which is just as well because still initially I was still feeling the HM a bit from last Sunday.

It didn't go exactly to plan (still need to slow down more on Sunday) but still it was good. Here is how it went down:

Tuesday: Plan said 3 Miles (~4.8km) at normal pace. I'm not quite sure what normal is these days though.

4.76km / 22:26 / 4:43 min/km. The route was just a rectangle around Peary, Mt Eden, Fairview/Croydon, Dominion.

Wednesday: Plan said 6 Miles (~9.6km) at a comfortable pace. Plan said "I wouldn't push the pace too much".

9.68km / 48:45 / 5:01 min/km.
This route was a new one for me leaving work, along Quay Street, along the Strand, up the domain, round the park and down the same way but this time along Lover's Lane. I've never gone run that track and it was like being in Titirangi with a waterfall and bush surrounds. Shown around 6km on the map below. Skived off work at lunchtime and was the best run of the week. Great to get out of the office for a bit too.

The path up to the Auckland domain. Photo from "InternetAge Traveler's".

Thursday: Plan said another easy three miler (~4.8km)

4.9km / 22:37 / 4:37min/km. Dead flat route around the Tank farm in Auckland.

Friday was a rest which sounded like a good idea to me :)

Saturday: Plan said run 6 miles (~9.6km) at marathon race pace

10.81km / 52:58 / 4:52min/km.
Pretty happy with the pace its a whisker too fast as I was aiming for 5:00. Did this route - nothing special really, terrain was rolling.

Sunday: Plan said run 8 miles (~12.875km) at a slow pace.

13.68km / 1:12:33 / 5:17 min/km.
Too fast. Must slow down a bit more. Run was OK apart from that - rain stayed away.
Did a loop towards the city and back.

Total : 43.83km. Sat and Sun were a little longer than planned but nothing to really worry about.

Mapping a running route adds a bit of fun to training. It's like planning a little adventure. I also find doing different routes provides variety which helps...


Lionel Messi said...


Thank you

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Kate said...

Looks fun!! I love Lovers Lane. I might give that Domain loop a go sometime!

Andrew is getting fit said...

Sounds like a bunch of good runs.

Bruce said...

I know that path up to the domain - its a long hard climb!