Monday, January 4, 2010

Two Day Roundup

Raining this morning so here is an opportunity to catch up on logging some exercise and also some thoughts on how to log said exercise.

January 2nd. Spent the morning doing more furniture staining. Put a second coat on the table top and the first coat on three of the four chairs. The chairs are quite fiddly and in typical fashion underestimated the time it would take. Later in the day we headed to the beach to catch up with family. Did a little swimming in the sea probably about 200m worth, only really getting my feet wet. Pretty hard to measure distance, probably going parallel to the shore and marking out a landmark would be the best bet?

In the evening did the first home workout of the year which incorporated Week 1/Day 1 of the two hundred situps and Week 2/Day 3 of the one hundred pushups (I decided to repeat week 2 with better form). I am still tweaking the weight program and will post about that separately.

Just before dinner went out for a short bike ride (12.7km @ 24km/hr avg. pace)

January 3rd. Early morning run (6am) to Cornwall Park and back. Legs were a bit stiff from yesterdays bike which says I should've stretched even after a short ride.

Anyway the run itself was at a pretty easy pace - 13.74km / 1:12:30 / 5:16min/km. Great time to be out and about. One thing I learned from 2009 is not to run too quick during training. Going slower is a good thing.

Later that morning did the second coat on the bottom and legs of the table and the first coat of the fourth chair. Also scrubbed the canvas covers which was an arm workout all on its own. One more session of painting to go when it fines up.

In terms of logging exercise I've been using and overall it is pretty good if a little unweildy. The big advantage with mapmyrun is you can litterally map out a run (or bike) on a google style map and it will calculate distance. I use the free account you can pay a monthly fee for extra features. At the moment I end up doubling up though by entering activities into a spreadsheet as well. I find this gives more flexibility in terms of tracking weekly goals, best times on a training course, tracking weight etc.

Rain has stopped so about to head out for a run...

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