Friday, September 5, 2008

Alternative Fuels

A work colleague, N, brought the latest copy of Runner's World in to the office. A good piece about oatmeal (aka porridge) as a breakfast suitable for runner's (slow release energy etc). The article suggested ditching the sugar and milk and going for almonds, strawberries and yogurt. Interesting eh?

No strawberries and yogurt in the kitchen so in true kiwi fashion I gave it a nudge with alternatives! Went with almonds and banana (and milk). Suprisingly the almonds went quite well with it all nice and crunchy.
My chef chopping skills need work!


The Flat Stomach Blog said...

Hey Aaron, does this mean that you don't have any milk with it or did you replace the milk with water? The picture looks great, banana and almonds sounds good anyway.

Aaron said...

Thanks for the comment. Yep did have milk with it. Other fruits would be equally nice - apricots, apple and the like.

Andrew(ajh) said...

Speaking of banana, have you ever tried a whole banana, liberally smeared with peanut butter - mmmm heaven.