Saturday, September 6, 2008

Beautiful Day

A beautiful spring day here in Auckland, New Zealand. Did a 'medium' length run today at a fairly comfortable pace. Good to get some vitamin D from the sun.

13.68km in 1:05:02 (4:45min/km pace).

I call this route "City Fringe Loop 2". Some flat sections but generally rolling terrain - especially along the city end of Mt. Eden Road. However the most interesting part of the run is probably the stretch along Dominion Road. There are some really interesting shops and cafes along this section.

This arty photo by "wasabicube" which is on the Dominion road stretch. An Irish pub - the Clare Inn - is right next to a Chinese restaurant called "Splendid Restaurant". Quite strange but this juxtaposition is normal for Dominion Road. Another interesting point of trivia is that it is apparently the longest straight road in Auckland.

Much as I like running in the sun this route is probably best done when traffic is at a minimum (early morning would be good).

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Andrew(ajh) said...

Mmmmm Guinness ... one of my favourite ways of getting my carb intake!