Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Early Bird

Went running round the block this morning. 5:45am nice and cool and as my Grandmother likes to say the dawn chorus was in good form. Very nice and so I ran "unplugged". When its nice and quiet running without music is best at least for me.

Tui photo courtesy of Brenda Anderson. We do have Tui's in my suburb but probably not this particular one :)

Start of spring in New Zealand and the weather is relatively great. At least its not pouring down every second day.

The running is getting better after my "slackness hiatus" in August. Today I did : 7.53km in 34:30 (4:34 min/km). Felt pretty comfortable but towards the end my legs where telling me I haven't been doing too much running.

Getting better on the weight front - 86.6kg before I headed out this morning which is nice and encouraging - next stop 85. I think might start posting weekly progress with a graph from

Andrew E asked in my last post if I was planning on doing the Waitakere Half. Unfortunately not this year - two fold: my base line fitness isn't where I want to be to do a good run but the main reason is my personal accountant (i.e. wife) gives me a budget of sorts for running. Given that I need to start thinking about another pair of shoes in a couple of months need to factor it in.

My little sister T is wanting to do the ADRA charity run this year with the half option. My current thinking given where I am with fitness is to do this (instead of Auckland) both as support for her but also it is 3.5 weeks later than Auckland. Still thinking it through.


Andrew is getting fit said...

You've got one of those accountants too eh!

For the shoes I recommend I bought 2 pairs for the price of 1 here in NZ and they arrived within 3 days.

Andrew is getting fit said...

And while I remember, I think you'll have to do the ADRA run as the Auckland one is sold out already.

I was going to do the ADRA one as well as it's on my normal running route (and it's flat!) but I've been convinced to go overseas for a month instead. :)