Sunday, September 14, 2008

Long Run Redux

Another sunny day - another longish run. This one 18.8km in 1:33:18 (4:58min/km) - takes in some of the Auckland Domain and Cornwall Park/One Tree Hill. I call this one Long Run to the Domain and adapted it from a similar route I had found on Shades of yesterday as the route skirted the bottom of khyber pass.

Quite warm and starting to dehydrate towards the end but good stuff. Pleased I got through it.

Rest day tomorrow - I need it!

Going to start including a tempo run into the mix during the week - maybe on Wednesday.

Managed to fit in the track along side Twin Oak Drive (photo by OceanBlue-AU) - a great place to go running.


Andrew(ajh) said...

That is a great pace for a long run - well done!

Don't sweat the extra Shiraz calories - the positive medicinal powers of the wine are mor important (is it obvious it is myself I'm trying to convince here?)

Bruce said...

you're getting in some good long runs in lately. Good pace too, hasn't taken long to build that up after you lay off.

Andrew is getting fit said...

Those work functions are deadly I find.

You seem to be getting right back into the groove!