Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My run is in a music video...

... well my route is as you shall see below.

My planned tempo run before work didn't happen due to sleeping in issues. In the past I would have flagged it away but decided to go running after dinner but not before it became too dark.

With daylight savings in effect in New Zealand that meant about 7:30pm.

I don't normally go running then - prefer the morning or say early afternoon - so it was all a bit different.

Randomness that came into my head while running:

- No niggles today - yay! I guess the weird experience on Sunday was just a note that I'm 33 not 23!
- When my body starts digesting food it seems to make running more of an effort. I wonder if thats normal? Normally in the morning I don't eat before running. The planned tempo soon got downgraded into a "regular".
- 7.53km in 34:58 (4:38 min/km) on my round the block route.
- Comfortable pace but getting a sweat going
- Eiffel en Eden looks like an interesting place to eat. My wife would like it.
- If you run without music listening to your foot steps is a bit hypnotic.
- I need to take my library books back.
- 140.7km for September which is more than normal for me. Pleased to get get some km's under the belt.
- Dominion road really does bend under its own weight. It's pretty cool running along a road made famous by the Mutton Bird's song. The first km or so is along this iconic road.

For people unfamiliar with the Mutton Birds they are quite underrated in my opinion - great kiwi music.


Andrew(ajh) said...

Glad the niggles disappeared.

I'm the same, I can't run for a few hours after eating.

Andrew is getting fit said...

The adirun folks run from their store in Newmarket.

I've done a few night runs now and I've always enjoyed them but I do prefer running in the morning as well.