Sunday, September 21, 2008


More sunny weather today - it's great and a good chance to get out and excercise.

Maungawhau is the Maori name for Mt. Eden. It means "Mountain of the Whau tree" in Maori. At 196m above sea level it isn't the biggest mountain in the world but it is the highest natural point in the whole of Auckland.

Since I live in Mount Eden (the suburb) it is the obvious place to go hill running. I guess it's my local.

Photo by Matt & Becky. I can't see my house from here though I can see the office.

It's a tough grinding gradual climb that goes round and up the hill in a big loop. There were a few other hilly streets as well.

I tried to keep my stride rate constant over the whole route and take shorter steps up the hill. The overall ascent from my house is apparently 93m according to Seemed to work OK - the run itself was good but hard - backing up the long run of yesterday but I can feel my endurance improving which is good.

The stats - 11.18km in 55:12 for an average pace of 4:55 min/km. Not exactly burning up the pavement but hills are never easy - that's why they are called hills!

Rest day tomorrow - but I've got an early morning round the block tempo pencilled in for Tuesday.

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Andrew(ajh) said...

A decent pace for a hilly run!