Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hills and niggles

Sunday afternoon in Auckland was good so started to head off on an upbeat long run. My right knee started to feel a little "niggly" a minute or so into it. I headed back home and did a little stretching and decided to change plans and go for a shorter run.

Decided to tackle the hill climb from last week. Made a big effort to start very slowly and make sure the knee didn't start complaining at me - if it did I was going to can out.

Felt pretty good actually after I had started warming up.

Again made an effort to work on stride throughput especially on the Mt. Eden climb. Time was better than last week - which was pretty interesting given the quite sedate start - 54:02 for 11.18km @ 4:49min/km pace.

Need to listen to my body and make sure get the rest days in - like tomorrow.


Andrew(ajh) said...

Good job on listening to your body. You have been hitting some high speed runs recently, maybe your body needs more "long slow runs", with emphasis on the slow?

Andrew is getting fit said...

I must admit I'm always rather impressed by your pace. However, like Andrew suggested a long slow run might help with the endurance?