Wednesday, September 3, 2008

ADRA Charity Run Half - Nov 30 2008

In my last post mentioned doing the ADRA charity run half instead of the Auckland Half Marathon. Well as I've found out thats now a no brainer of a decision (Thanks Andrew!) as the Auckland Marathon event is now sold out on the half and full options. That's pretty impressive 2 months before the event.

I want to go under my first half time (1:38:10) and a flat course like this will help. Just quietly my secret goal is 1:35:00. That's going to take some dedicated training over the next 3 months. Nothing like a good goal to keep focused.

Rest day tomorrow.

P.S. I will enter the Auckland Full Marathon in 2009. This is my long term running goal.


Bruce said...

Didn't know thw Auckland half and full marathons were full. Hasn't the grow of running been amazing that these have now fulled up so quick. Good luck for the long term goal for next year.

Bruce said...

sorry about the typos

Andrew is getting fit said...

I think I'll be there with you in 2009!