Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weigh In - 7 September 2008

I've decided to use physicsdiet to keep me on track for getting down to around 80kg. Physics Diet is an interesting concept - the premise is you weigh yourself at the same time every day. You can then obtain trend information to see how you are going.

The blue line shows the moving average of all your weight entries. The black line is a best fit.

The points on the tips of the green and red shaded areas are your daily weight entries. The red area means that for that day, or period of days, your daily weight entries were above the blue trend line. The green area means that for that day, or period of days, your daily weight entries were below the blue trend line. If you are trying to lose weight then you will want to keep most of your daily weight entries in the green shaded area.

So today even though I weighed in @ 86.8kg my physicsdiet weight is 87.25kg.

So moving forward and to keep me on the straight and narrow I'll be posting on this weekly. I think training in earnest - and increasing the number of kms run a week (gradually) will help.

In saying that have just done another run this morning since the weather is warm and sunny. Did this one, which I call the Balmoral Loop. 11.18km in 51:43 (4:37min/km). Legs getting tired toward the end but I feel the fitness levels coming back which is great.


Andrew is getting fit said...

PhysicsDiet is great but it's really annoying how quickly the trend can go upwards and how slowly it goes down!

Andrew(ajh) said...

Posting on your weight loss is a great way to keep honest!

Jacob Aliet said...

I am also a runner. I am 32. I enjoy reading your blog. I have a half marathon coming up on 26th October. I started watching what I eat on 20th August when I was 90Kgs. I am now down to 85 and I am targeting 79Kgs.
My blog:
On the 100 pushups challenge, I am doing my exhaustion test after week5 tomorrow
Keep it up.