Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tempo Tuesday!

5:30 am - light drizzle and time for a tempo run. Legs felt a little heavy from running this weekend just gone. Time to leave that excuse at the door on the way out...

Tried to concentrate of faster turnaround of feet - I think thats a good strategy for tempo running (as opposed to the plodding pace I feel I have on a long run).

7.53km in 33:00 for a 4:23 min/km pace.

Certainly a harder run than normal and a great way to wake up!

Running fast is good on occaision to avoid being a (fit) single speed runner. Put in in 5th and go....(photo by bashed)


Andrew is getting fit said...

That's some serious pace. Great effort for so early in the morning.

Andrew(ajh) said...

You're just getting faster and faster!